Have you committed code without a review?

We can think of a few reasons you may have gone ahead without a review:

Waiting SO Long

You don’t have time to wait for a slow SAST tool and then a security expert to review the results. There's not enough of them to go around and you just need to merge this one PR so you can move on.

Too Many Alerts

You are a security champion, so you are waiting for your current SAST tool to review the whole repo. (Thank you!) You finally get the results and  it shows you 100s of confusing alerts. Which is the true risk? 

Context Switching

You've passed the results on to your security team and by the time you do get the real issues from your code review, you don't remember what the heck you were doing or where to look for the issue. 

If you haven't, we know it's been tempting so kudos to you!
Even if you have skipped a review—since you're here—we know you care about the security of your code.

Supercharge Your Dev Flow

Take control of your security code reviews without slowing your development pipeline.

01 Get Immediate Feedback

With DryRun Security you get immediate, automatic feedback right inside the GitHub PR comments.

02 Dump the Noise

See only the true issues. DryRun Security analyzers are well tuned by our security experts and cut through  all the noise to alert you to high risk issues.

03 No Context Switching

Since feedback is immediate, you don’t have to wait then go back and try to remember what you were doing from one PR to another. 

Get All of That Out-of-the-Box

Your AppSec and security teams don’t have to do a thing. No rules to write and no pages of alerts to review.

Supported Languages and Frameworks

DryRun Security is optimized for these languages and frameworks. Need something different? Let us know.



See How DryRun Security Works

Get Started in 3 Easy Steps

Yes, you do. Currently, DryRun Security only works with code repositories on GitHub. However, we will soon integrate more repository platforms. Please email us at hi@dryrun.security and let us know which platform you use.

DryRun Security gathers security context on every code change and evaluates it across the SLIDE model (Surface, Language, Intent, Detections, & Environment). Instead of getting a single datapoint to represent the riskiness of the change, you're getting a more comprehensive view. Want to learn more? We have a guide that explains it in depth.

We realize there can be some misgivings when it comes to using LLMs. We’ve gone to great lengths to keep you and your code safe as we leverage the power of LLMs. (1) We use our own private LLM. (2) We leverage ephemeral microservices. (3) We store key markers, not your code. (4) We’re independently audited. (5) You have complete control of the permission you allow to our app.

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